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Security Control Window Film

Safety and security is a key issue in Cambodia, and S-Cool is a leader in the area of securing and reinforcing windows with our tough, high quality security window film series.

S-Cool security window film helps to hold glass in place upon impact, offering 24-hour window protection against intruders, storms, hurricanes, terrorists, and earthquakes. This resilient security film improves window safety for homes, businesses and government properties worldwide. Choose between clear and solar protection window films, both offering additional UV protection.

From homes and small storefronts to expansive high rises and safety-intensive government agencies, every building is better protected with S-Cool security window films.


Technical Specifications

Visible Light Transmission: Up to 86%

Total Solar Energy Rejection: Up to 21%

Ultraviolet Rejection: Up to 99%

Film Thickness: 7mm and above

Scratch Resistant Coating

2 Ply Technology

Break Strength of 175