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Solar Control Window Film

S-Cool is the pioneer and leader of solar film technology and tinting in the Kingdom of Cambodia. With clients ranging from major banks to government agencies, we pride ourselves in maintaining a high standard of professionalism and expertise.

S-Cool anti-shatter solar control window film is made with the most advanced technology, proven by stringent tests to have super heat insulation efficiency, light penetration rate, as well as superb scratch resistance capabilities. With a wide range of film visibility types and colours to choose from, including our ultra-clear film, you will be certain to find something suitable for your usage.

Advantages of using Solar Control Film

Reduced Heat

S-Cool rejects up to 99% of infrared heat from the sun, thereby allowing significant reduction in the interior of your vehicle or building.

Greater Cost Savings

With a reduction in internal heat, air-conditioning units will require less energy to cool your vehicle or building. This in turn allows for a reduction of energy used. In the case of an automobile, this translates to an increase in fuel efficiency and greater fuel savings.

Protected Interior Furnishings

A reduction in infrared heat and ultraviolet rays will lead to a decrease in colour fading or damage to your interior furnishings, such as leather seats or upholstery.

Scratch & Shatter Resistance

S-Cool solar control window film is engineered under stringent conditions to meet the CALSS 3H standards, ensuring scratch and shatter resistance capabilities. This minimizes the risk of flying glass fragments in the event of an accident.


Technical Specifications

Visible Light Transmission: Up to 70%

Infrared Rejection: Up to 99%

Ultraviolet Ray Rejection: Up to 99%

Film Thickness: 2mm

Scratch Resistant Coating